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Hey Everybody,

I just finished up some work that I’ve been working on over the last couple days.  Now you can comment on posts on anybody’s public rss page, providing that you are logged in.  Also, when you are logged in, you will see a couple changes to the member’s area.

First, you see that there is a comment moderation section on the member’s landing page.  Here, you need to select whether you want to moderate comments that people make on your posts, or whether you just want them to all be automatically approved.

Second, in the RSS projects section of the member’s area, you can click the Post To Your Public Page button, and it provides you the ability to write your own post to your RSS page.  You can only put <strong><i> and <a href> tags in your post body, so don’t try to add more html than that, cause the extra html will be stripped.

Currently, I have begun a simple Shark Friendzy network that will allow you to add other FeedBiters into your friends network.  This gives you a simple way to follow what your buddies are up to.

Well, back to work!

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