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The Things You Must Know About Snapchat Marketing
Snapchat marketing isn’t as popular as Facebook marketing. Some of those who haven’t used it yet are either skeptical about it or curious of how it’s going to work. Now, let’s try to discover how this social networking site can help you engage...
2016-02-10 18:15:50

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Facebook Millimeter Wave Network – What Does it Do?
Facebook is said to be developing a millimeter-wave network. What is it? How does it work?
2016-02-10 17:45:19

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Twitter Changing Its Timeline – Is it a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?
In its attempt to save the company and improve user growth, Twitter will try to solve the information overload problem. This problem is said to be the reason some newcomers to this social networking site are dissuaded to use the site or become...
2016-02-10 17:15:06

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What the Federal Law Said about Google Self-Driving System?
The self-driving system of Google that is controlled by artificial intelligence is a driver. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
2016-02-10 16:47:25

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Selling a Solution: Marketing in the Zero Moment of Truth
arketing has become a battleground where millions of businesses compete against each other for potential clients using different mediums such as print, online advertising and word of mouth. 2016-02-09 19:58:57

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Social Media Marketing: Why Should You Use Live Streaming and Buy Buttons?
It’s no wonder that 9 out of 10 companies are already using social media marketing to boost their sales and leads.
2016-02-09 19:53:05

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CNIL to Facebook: Change Your Privacy Policies Or Face Sanctions
Facebook has to change its privacy protections within three months. Else, it could face heavy sanctions in France.
2016-02-09 17:30:58

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Twitter Trust and Safety Council: What Does it Do?
Twitter has formed a so-called Twitter Trust & Safety Council to curb abuse and harassment on its platform.
2016-02-09 17:00:22

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Celebrate Safe Internet Day with Free 2GB Free Google Drive Storage
oday has been declared as Safe Internet Day. In line with this celebration, Google made sure that people will never forget this international event by offering its users a 2GB free Google Drive storage. 2016-02-09 16:42:02

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Infographic: What Blogging You Must Avoid?
re you not seeing the results that you wish for your blog? It's probably because you're doing it wrong. Here's an infographic to show you what mistakes you must avoid and what to do instead. 2016-02-07 19:00:22

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Infographic: What’s The Internet in Real-Time?
Here's an infographic to show what the Internet is like in real-time. Brilliant!
2016-02-07 18:00:35

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Infographic: LinkedIn Reaches 20 Million Users in the UK Alone
inkedIn just reached 20 million users in the UK alone. The users are mostly students and the working population. Here's an infographic released by LinkedIn that offers insights on how the social networking site has expanded across the globe. 2016-02-06 19:00:42

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Infographic: How to Create The Best Infographic for Your Post?
o you ever wonder how to make a gorgeous infographic that will get a lot of shares when you post it on social media? Here are some tips and tools that you can use to make your infographic stand out.
2016-02-05 19:00:49

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What Google Considers a Mobile Friendly Site?
So, if your website is still not mobile-friendly or if you don’t have an app for your site yet, you should consider getting one.
2016-02-05 18:00:58

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How to Use Social Media Automation to Boost Engagement?
Here are some tips on how to properly user social media automation tool for your campaign.
2016-02-04 18:30:50

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Twitter Experimenting on a GIF Button
re you still using Twitter? Do you like seeing more GIFs in your newsfeed? If you answer yes to the questions, then you’ll be delighted to know that Twitter is quietly testing a dedicated button for GIFs. 2016-02-04 18:00:02

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Android Wear Will Now Have a “Marshmallow”
Android Wear users can now finally update their smartwatches. Recently, Google announced that its latest OS, the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, will be available on Android Wear. 2016-02-04 17:30:07

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Happy 12th Birthday Facebook!
On February 4, 2016, Facebook turns 12 years old. Today, the social network calls it as “Friends Day.”
2016-02-04 16:54:48

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Five of the best apps for teachers and educators
Almost two in five teachers currently quit within a year of qualifying and the number of those quitting mid-career is at an all time high. As a result, the UK is facing a shortage of teachers in its schools and further education colleges. The National...
2016-02-04 05:26:24

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