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SEO Mistakes Your Online Business Can’t Afford to Keep Making
It’s no secret businesses are taking to the Internet to start promoting their products and services. Search engines have made it very easy for people searching online to find businesses located near them by tweaking the search algorithm....
2016-01-06 11:20:38

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The cb:Black Event ASW16 – Will You Make The Cut?
The cb:Black Events are the most exclusive events at Affiliate Summit. They are also the hardest to get an invite to. There is one event for Advertisers and one for Affiliates. The events are targeted to just the largest players in the industry. Only...
2016-01-05 20:00:45

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How To Rewrite a Blog Post So It’s New Again
When you run your own blog for a living, you’re going to face a number of challenges on a fairly regular basis. You’re always going to be working on improving your monetization strategy, for example, and there’s always room to move up...
2016-01-05 12:01:50

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HDR Photo Walk of Woodbridge North & South Lake
After experiencing hot in Mexico and cold in Big Bear, I’m back to just right in Orange County. At least it’ll be just right until I shoot off to Las Vegas this Saturday (these are the problems you face when you live the Dot Com Lifestyle)....
2016-01-04 19:10:17

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Translate Your Ideas into High Value Content – The Most Effective Way
Many times, you’ll have great ideas, however, getting them down on paper can be a mission. Many bloggers will agree organizing your ideas is the most important factor before you start publishing. If you can create a solid outline of what...
2016-01-04 11:53:59

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It’s 2016 – How To Auto Update Your Blog Copyright Notice
Happy New Year everyone! It addition to the tips I gave you to make 2016 your best year ever, I’m going to add one more tip, and that is to update your blog copyright notice to say 2016. If your blog doesn’t have a copyright notice, you...
2016-01-03 17:21:33

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Do You Have a Clear Call to Action?
As much as people like to say that they enjoy having the freedom to choose, the fact of the matter is that having too many choices can be overwhelming and paralyzing. This is indeed one of the biggest reasons why Apple has been so successful over the...
2016-01-03 11:00:44

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Why Link Building Should Be Your Priority
Link building is the backbone of Google search and it continues to play an important role for websites online. When one site links to another, it shows value not only to you, but to Google as well, which gets you ranked higher within the search engines,...
2016-01-02 17:00:00

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Dangerous Snow Play At Big Bear Lake
We spent the first day of 2016 by living the Dot Com Lifestyle at Big Bear Snow Play. Once a ski hill known as Rebel Ridge, Snow Play sports the longest inner tube runs in Southern California. Most people think going down a snow covered hill with an...
2016-01-01 23:17:09

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How To Make 2016 Your Best Make Money Online Year
A new year brings with it a new beginning, and a new start. You can look at it as the same old same old, or you can look at it as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Here are my top tips to make 2016 your best make money online year...
2016-01-01 03:00:56

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Why No One Is Reading Your Content
When writing content the most important thing is to create some sort of engagement. This will allow you to increase the chance of you obtaining your bottom line or purpose. Many bloggers use content as a means to market their product and/or services so...
2015-12-31 08:00:42

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Happy New Year from Big Bear Lake
We have made it to Big Bear Lake to welcome in the New Year, and man it’s cold here! It’s a drastic change from the 80+ degrees we were experiencing last week in the Mexican Riviera. Big Bear Lake is a small city in San Bernardino County,...
2015-12-30 21:10:57

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Here’s $10,000 In $100 Bills – Happy New Year
I’m back from my Mexican Riviera cruise. It was great enjoying the nice hot weather of Mexico. Now it’s time to go to the other extreme. We’re off to Big Bear Lake to hit the slopes and welcome in the New Year. Before I can do that, I...
2015-12-30 13:20:03

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Why PayPal.Me Is So Infuriating (But I’m Using It Anyway)
Like so many other people, my first introduction to PayPal was by way of shopping around for useless garbage on eBay. To be fair, I also used the world’s largest garage sale as a means of selling some of my own junk, so I think we come out pretty...
2015-12-29 12:24:42

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Living The Dot Com Lifestyle In The Mexican Riviera
You know what the best part of winter is? Reading about it from a beach in the Mexican Riviera. 😛 During our Christmas Eve stopover in Puerto Vallarta, I took the family on a shore excursion to Aquaventuras Park for a day of water sliding fun....
2015-12-28 13:35:24

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Why Spending Money Saves You Time (and Earns You More Money)
The old saying goes that it costs money to make money. If you want to have product to sell, you must first purchase your inventory or otherwise invest in the infrastructure and materials required to manufacture your product. If you want to make money on...
2015-12-27 08:00:03

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Why People Un-Follow You On Social Media Platforms
We often look at why people follow us on social platforms and try to find create ways to tweak our social marketing to increase engagement. Social media is great to get new content in front of people and connect relevant people all over the web. At one...
2015-12-26 11:00:31

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3 Big Lessons from 3 Successful Entrepreneurs
It pays to learn from your mentors, your heroes and your role models. You may not be able to follow exactly the same path as they did (nor should you), but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn some incredibly valuable lessons from the journeys...
2015-12-25 08:00:58

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Why Themeforest is Awesome for Buying Custom Templates
Over the years, I’ve designed many websites and used multiple websites to purchase custom themes for my clients. I have experience with several templates websites and would like to talk about one that has been awesome through the years. This...
2015-12-24 08:00:56

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How To Overcome Isolation While You Make Money Online
When you make money online, you have the freedom to work from just about anywhere you can get reliable Internet access. For a lot of us–whether you’re a freelance writer like me, an Internet marketer like John, or almost anything...
2015-12-23 08:00:03

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