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How do you know which debt settlement or debt consolidation program to choose, when theirs 1000?s out there?
Russ M asked: How do you know which program is good and which one is right for you. I heard their is a way to check there beruo report or something, not sure what its called. How can you see the results and reputation of the debt settlement program or...
2009-09-10 03:49:47

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How do I find out which debt collection agency is holding my old debt?
Christina asked: I had a rough time a few years ago, and stopped paying my credit cards and cell phone to be able to keep paying the rent and then i lost my job, it was all sent to debt collectors. I’m ready to get this taken care of so I can...
2009-09-06 21:26:45

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Help needed quickly! Are there any groups that will help with school loans and debts?
KariNeko asked: My younger sister graduated from college a few years ago but is not able to pay back school loans especially now that she has a child. Myself and our family isn’t in the position to help financially so we’re at a lost. Are...
2009-09-05 02:40:50

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What debt reduction /consolidation agency that will give high discount to help pay off credit card debts?
hayati k asked: I need help with paying off my credit card debts. There are so many debt reduction /consolidation agencies that I don’t know which one is good/authentic and will give the best rate (discount). For those who had gone through this...
2009-09-03 19:34:03

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Can debt collectors come after your assets if your spouse incurred the debt before you were married?
rottdog76 asked: My fiance has a debt collector coming after her pretty aggressively and in not the most ethical way (in CA). She has a car (still paying on it) and no other assets. I own a house with more equity than here debt. Can her debt collector...
2009-08-29 09:15:31