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A Simple Checklist for Refinancing your Home Loan

Would-be borrowers are always bogged down by the requirements that would expedite their loan process. It is practical and convenient to be prepared before you march into a creditor’s office. Read on and find out if you have what it takes to get...
2013-01-23 12:42:25

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What you need to Know Before Refinancing

Today it is becoming more and more popular to refinance your original mortgage. But, is this right for you? How do you know whether you’re taking advantage of a great deal or letting yourself in for financial problems? Read on for tips to help...
2013-01-17 13:47:44

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Avoiding Mortgage Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

If you are planning to get a mortgage, then you should make sure that you avoid a number of common mistakes that will leave you paying too much money or getting into financial difficulties. If you are aware of potential mistakes you can make then you...
2013-01-14 15:59:57

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Hurricane Season Reminds us the Importance of Coverage

Every year, people brace themselves with the arrival of the hurricane season. Since, damage caused by hurricanes is a common phenomenon. It instills fear as it had indeed made a dent in their lives by causing extensive damage. Dwellers that are...
2012-11-19 15:25:49

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Nothing Beats Security

It is indeed a nightmarish experience for any homeowner to notice that his house has been burgled. However, there are ways to attain complete peace of mind if the owners take suitable measures by installing home security system. In the wake of sudden...
2012-11-19 14:41:34

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With the Rates this Low; Consider Refinancing your Mortgage

When trying to decide the best time to refinance your home it may be a good idea to look at refinancing as soon as possible. Currently we are experiencing some of the lowest rates ever for mortgages and through home refinancing you can help to get...
2012-11-19 14:25:34

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Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates By Banks – Refinance Your Home!

The time has come again where you may want to consider refinancing your home. Bank interest rates are low, thus it is a favorable time for those thinking of refinancing. Homeowners have different needs; smaller mortgage to make monthly payment, just...
2012-11-08 18:02:21

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What is the HARP 2.0 Refinance Program?

HARP stands for Home Affordable Refinance Program, but it is also known as the Making Home Affordable plan, the Obama Refi plan, DU Refi+, and Relief Refinance. HARP, originally started in April 2009, is a government program designed to help...
2012-10-08 20:32:28

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Housing Market Recovery is Underway

More good news from recent housing market reports shows that the housing market recovery is indeed underway. New and existing home sales are up, home prices are improving, and amount of distressed inventory on the market has decreased. At the current...
2012-09-24 16:05:27

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Is an Adjustable Rate Mortgage for You?

An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) is considered riskier than a fixed rate mortgage, and with interest rates at record lows, why would a home buyer opt for an adjustable mortgage? For many home buyers getting the benefits of a rock bottom interest...
2012-09-06 18:09:00

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7 Things to Know Before You Start Shopping for a Mortgage

Buying a home is probably the biggest purchase you will make in your life. If you want to qualify for the lowest possible mortgage rate, it’s worth your time to prepare and do some research before shopping for your mortgage loan. Getting a great...
2012-08-21 17:12:12

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Home Buyers in Fierce Competition for Properties

Home prices are low and interest rates are at record lows, – it’s a great time to buy a house right? Well not exactly. Yes, it is a great time to get a new mortgage with a record low interest rate, but for home shoppers in many markets, there...
2012-08-17 19:42:24

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No Life Preserver for Drowning Fannie and Freddie Homeowners

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will not be reducing mortgage principals to help underwater homeowners delinquent on their mortgages. Acting Director Edward J. DeMarco of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which oversees Fannie Mae and Freddie...
2012-08-16 14:35:26

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Home Owners and Buyers Welcome Back Low Interest Rates
There was good news this week for home owners looking to refinance, and for new home buyers shopping for a mortgage.  After seeing a rise in long term interest rates to over 4 percent as a result of higher 10-year Treasury note yields, home mortgage...
2012-04-03 18:44:31

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Fewer Americans are Falling Behind on Their Mortgage Payments
Mirroring the more positive job market, the amount of homeowners falling behind on their mortgage payments has substantially declined. After five long years of gloomy weather in the real estate market, experts believe we are finally seeing signs of a...
2012-03-06 15:27:31

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Positive Outlook for Housing Market as Home Affordability Increases
Home affordability is on the rise and much more favorable housing conditions are on the horizon according to the latest housing market reports. Record low interest rates and reduced home pricing have made owning a home within the reach of more Americans...
2012-03-06 14:50:33

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Planning a Valentines Day Vacation?
Planning a vacation as a Valentine’s Day gift is an excellent gift idea for couples who have been dating for awhile and are looking for a really fun and unique gift. Whether you plan a week long vacation in an exotic location or a weekend getaway near...
2012-02-07 14:15:22

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Financial Incentives for Using Solar Power in Your Home
It is undeniable that energy prices are going through the roof. Just take a look at your utility bill. The good news is using solar power can save you money, particularly with new incentives. Personal Tax Credit and Deductions If anything is more...
2012-02-02 14:18:16

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Homes More Affordable Than Ever
Buying a home is more affordable than ever thanks to historically low interest rates and low home values.  Buying a home can be a great investment.  If you think that you may not be able to buy a home because of your current credit situation, don’t...
2012-02-02 12:33:17

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Mass Mortgage Refinance Solution Gaining Support
Despite their differences, both political parties are starting to lobby for a mass refinance solution that would help homeowners who have been playing by the rules and kept up their mortgage payments an affordable, streamlined way to refinance their home.
2012-01-23 19:11:34

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