Fat Burning Answers

Fast Weight Loss Or permanent Weight Loss ~ Which Do You Want?
Once you have decided to lose weight, your next decision is whether to do a fat burning program or a fast weight loss diet. The two are not the same. You will get one or the other, but not both from the same weight loss program In this article, I speak about the situations to consider when deciding on a diet. Circumstances Which May Favor a Fast Weight Loss Diet When people search for a fast weight loss diet, it could be because: An impending event is looming in the near future and you want to look good for it. It could be a vacation, a wedding, an important social gathering, an important meeting, or a party of some kind, etc An event has just occurred, during which you overindulged in food and/or drink. That event could be a vacation or the Christmas holiday season, for example Summer is approaching and you want to look good, or at least better than you look now. During the summer you wear much less clothing than during the other seasons. People will see more of your body. You will spend alot of time in a bathing suit, shorts, and skimpy tops Circumstances Which May Favor a Fat Burning Program When people search for a fat burning program, it could be because: You suffer from a medical condition that will improve by reducing your body fat You are worried about future medical conditions that could arise because of the excess fat that you are carrying You are healthy and fit, but you want to prevent future medical conditions from occurring Your career would be severely affected if you carried excess fat on your body - ie - professional actors, dancers, models, athletes, sportsmen etc You engage in hobbies and activities that are best served by a fit body - ie- surfing, snow boarding and/or skiing, bodybuilding, mountain climbing/rock climbing, sports of any kind, bicycle riding, and outdoor activities of any kind Overall fitness, health, well being, and your appearance is extremely important to you in your life You want permanent weight loss The Best Way To Lose Weight For You Considering your circumstances, do you think that a fat burning program will suit you best or would a fast weight loss diet plan suit you better? It is unusual to get permanent weight loss from a "crash" diet. You can expect to re-gain the weight you lost when you stop the diet. You may face a situation that calls for rapid weight loss. Fat burning programs will produce permanent weight loss, when followed. This eliminates "dieting" forever. However they require more self discipline and personal commitment than a fast weight loss diet.
2010-01-25 09:00:32