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Spinal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia Track Record of Maximum Compensation

Spinal cord injury (SCI) occurs when a traumatic event results in damage to cells within the spinal cord or severs the nerve tracts that relay signals up and down the spinal cord. The most common types of SCI include contusion (bruising of the spinal...
2015-06-27 23:40:00

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Philadelphia Lawyer Explains Car Accident Damages Compensation Calculation

People who get in car accidents and get injured want to know how much money they can recover from the other party's insurance company. The available damages are broken down into two main categories:

Economic damages Non-economic...
2015-06-27 23:39:00

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Rotator Cuff Labrum Tear Lawyer in Pennsylvania Gets Maximum Money Damages

Many accident victims have shoulder pain either immediately or soon after a car accident, a motorcycle crash, a bike accident slip and fall, or after having been injured in the workplace. The severe trauma to the shoulder joint caused the impact of...
2015-06-27 23:37:00

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Huge Helicopter Accident Settlements in Pennsylvania

On October 17, a helicopter crashed near Everbreeze Drive and Uhlerstown Hill Road in Tinicum Township in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The pilot was killed in the crash. According to a witness, the helicopter took off and a minute later it hit the...
2015-06-27 23:36:00

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Big Compensation from Knee Injury Lawsuits in Pennsylvania

Our experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorneys at the Lassen Law Firm know that knee injuries are common in car accidents. The force of a collision can injure the knee by slamming it into the steering column, dash, or door of the vehicle or...
2015-06-27 23:35:00

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Huge Scar and Disfigurement Settlements From Philadelphia Lawyer

Burns and lacerations are serious injuries that can result in scarring or disfigurement, and may require extensive care. These, often permanent, injuries can be physically and emotionally challenging, as well as financially burdensome.

2015-06-27 23:33:00

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Huge Compensation By Philadelphia Lawyer for Herniated Discs

A herniated disc is one of the most common serious back injuries people experience, and it often happens as a result of on-the-job activity. When a disc is herniated, it becomes pushed out of its normal position between the vertebrae in the...
2015-06-27 23:32:00

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Late Night Driving and Teens Yields High Rate of Accidents

According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the frequency of risky behavior generally grew for 16- and 17-year-old drivers as the number of teen passengers increased. For example, among 16- and 17-year-old drivers...
2015-06-27 23:30:00

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New Teen Driving Restrictions in Pennsylvania to Limit Accidents

On December 27, a new teen driving restrictions law was passed in Pennsylvania. It requires a teen driver to carry only one, non-family passenger who is younger than 18 during the first six months of being licensed. After the first six months, the...
2015-06-27 23:28:00

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I-80 Truck Accident Pennsylvania Maximum Compensation

On October 15, a tractor-trailer a crash involving two other tractor-trailers happened on Interstate 80 at mile-marker 304.8 in Stroud Township. The truck driver was driving a 1999 Freightliner east on I-80 between the Route 209 merge and the Main...
2015-06-27 23:26:00

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Amtrak Train Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Lawsuit Low Contingency Fee

Passengers injured in Amtrak train accidents may have questions about what they should do when the investigation is ongoing and what benefits they are entitled to receive. While the investigation might take months, any passengers injured while riding...
2015-05-15 03:33:00

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Compensation for whiplash in Pennsylvania

Whiplash is a unique injury that happens most often to drivers or passengers during rear-end collision automobile accidents, when the force from the impact causes the head to snap violently back and forward. Often a whiplash injury occurs during high...
2015-04-03 00:03:00

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Compensation for a head or brain injury in Pennsylvania

People do not realize how much they use their hands until they injure one of them. Simple things like cutting food on a plate, holding a comb or a brush, tying a shoe lace, or typing on a computer or cell phone keyboard can become difficult or...
2015-04-03 00:02:00

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Learn about compensation for a foot injury

Car crashes, fights, physical conflict, slips and falls, liquid left on floors, slippery surfaces, uneven pavement, low lighting, wrestling or non-consented to contact are all things that can easily lead to serious fractures and injuries to the...
2015-04-03 00:01:00

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Learn about vision loss from a brain injury

In many cases, patients who sustain a traumatic brain injury have vision problems as a result of the injury. Because there is a close relationship between vision and the brain, TBI can disrupt the visual process, interfering with the flow and...
2015-04-02 23:59:00

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Types of burns from a burn injury lawyer in Pennsylvania

A burn is an injury that is caused by heat, radiation, chemicals, or electricity. Serious burns, especially third degree or higher burns and those involving a large area, can be fatal. Burns are complicated injuries; they affect not only the skin but...
2015-04-02 23:57:00

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New Technology May Prevent A Car Crash in Philadelphia

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed that all trucks and buses of a certain weight be equipped with electronic stability control (ESC) systems. An ESC system provides trucks with automatic computer-controlled braking and other...
2015-04-01 00:44:00

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Pedestrian accident victims in Philadelphia Typically Between 10-19 Years Old

Many children between the middle school and high school are oblivious to traffic when they cross busy roadways. Many look down at their cell phones while texting and crossing the street. According to a nationwide report released in September 2012,...
2015-04-01 00:43:00

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Alcohol Deaths Too Prevalent in Philadelphia

Sadly, alcohol-related injuries are quite frequent in Philadelphia. Criminal laws are designed to punish a drunk driver for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). Penalties range from license suspension and revocation...
2015-04-01 00:42:00

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Collisions between cars or light trucks and semi trucks pose legal issues

Collisions between cars or light trucks and semi trucks pose legal issues that many other motor vehicle accidents do not. That's why it is so important to have an experienced attorney on your side. One way in which car/truck collisions are...
2015-04-01 00:41:00

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