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More Softball Fundamentals & Tips for Pre-Practice!

When we talk about softball fundamentals for pre-practice, it’s important to pay close attention to these key points in this phase of your drill progression: 1. Emphasize that the players keep their head down on the ball – they have to trust...
2015-07-02 09:51:23

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Baseball Fielding: Catching Technique for Outfielders

There is a recommended baseball fielding technique for outfielders to use when receiving the ball, in order to achieve maximum success in the field.  In today’s article, we break down the basic mechanics your fielders need to understand and...
2015-07-02 01:37:50

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Hide and Seek Team Defense Drill

Communicating in transition is especially important, with the margin for error shrinking due to the fact the defense is not set. This drill gives us a chance to practice all of the skills we’ve learned in halfcourt and apply them to a full court...
2015-06-29 07:00:32

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“Left and Right” Softball Fielding Drill

When working on softball fielding techniques, it’s important to include drills that work on pushing your fielders to the left or right. This is the ball where you work on pivoting while fielding the backhand and the forehand, with both the left...
2015-06-26 10:18:51

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4 Minute Layup Drill

Okay, this is one of my all-time favorite drills for passing, finishing, communication and conditioning. Setup Set up four passers, with one at each elbow on both sides of the court. The rest of your players will form two lines, at opposite ends of...
2015-06-22 00:37:41

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Protector Screen Pitching Drill

If you’re coaching a pitcher who sometimes struggles with his control, then this is a pitching drill you should definitely try out. It comes straight from the Essential Pitching Drills collection. Protector Screen Drill A huge number of...
2015-06-22 00:21:59

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Catch & Throw (On The Knees) Fielding Drill

This fielding drill is just an extension of a game of Catch and Throw. If you can master this fielding drill, and have consistent rhythm in everything you do regarding your fielding, your percentage in fielding goes up. It’s when we begin doing...
2015-06-18 18:18:08

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Baseball Fielding: Outfielder Throwing Technique

An outfielder throws a little differently than the other positions on the field. Pitchers parallel outfielders, but infielders and catchers throw completely different. At the beginning of any discussion regarding throwing for an outfielder has to...
2015-06-18 14:22:37

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Five Spot Soft Shot Shooting Drill

This is a great shooting drill to teach younger or less experienced players what shooting is all about! Put your players at a basket to work on “soft shots” or “Swish shots”, and using 5 spots on the floor, work on taking players to a target....
2015-06-18 13:17:17

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Inbounds Plays

While inbounds plays can seem inconsequential at times in the grand scheme of things, there’s no denying the fact that a well executed a inbounds play will more often than not produce a high quality shot. And if you have 10 inbounds opportunities a...
2015-06-15 15:54:05

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Zone Offense

The two most important things to keep in mind when attacking any zone defense are spacing and ball movement. If you can force the defense to slide back and forth across the court, eventually you’ll be able to find a crack in their armor. But it...
2015-06-15 15:40:27

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Transition Offense

The first part to being successful in transition is developing fast break skills – collecting the defensive rebound, making the outlet pass, and getting your players out into their lanes and down the court. But the second part – a part which...
2015-06-15 15:14:06

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4 Out Basketball Offense | Basketball Plays

If you like having the defense spread out but want to keep one classic big man on the floor, whether it’s to protect the rim on defense or be a post threat the opponent needs to respect on offense, than a 4-out offense may be your best option. When...
2015-06-13 18:21:19

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3-2 Basketball Offense

For as long as there have been designed offenses, the 3-2 formation has been around. Putting our point guard up top, our shooting guard and small forward on the wings, and the power forward and center down on the block, we maintain good spacing...
2015-06-12 14:28:58

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The Side Toss Tennis Ball Hitting Drill

Today’s hitting drill focuses on helping your hitters understand the timing of a pitch coming to them. This is a great timing drill for hitters that focuses on keeping the hands back until the ball comes into the zone, as this Side Toss drill...
2015-06-11 14:24:39

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Baseball Fielding : Tips for Better Glovework (PLUS Basic Glove Drills!)

In today’s article, we share 5 tips for better glovework when fielding, as well as some basic glove drills that you can incorporate into your next baseball fielding practice! Tip #1: Use Your Feet Good fielders look like they have soft hands,...
2015-06-11 12:41:23

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5 Out “Open Post” Offense

This will pull the defense out of the paint, allowing you to create high percentage looks at the basket via penetration, and quality three point shots when the defense is forced to collapse to prevent that penetration. You’ll need smaller, mobile...
2015-06-08 13:10:20

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The Importance of the Spin in your Softball Pitching

The last part of the pitch is the release, which is a simple finger roll that creates ball rotation or “spin”. Getting the ball to spin correctly is critical, since the spin dictates when and how the pitch will break. The best way to...
2015-06-05 11:27:55

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Baseball Fielding & How To Field Hops

Today, it’s all about the hops – and baseball fielding drills you can add to your practice plan to best prepare your young players for hop situations. First, what is a “hop”? A short hop is a ball that bounces immediately in front of an...
2015-06-05 10:52:26

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Zone Defense Play: 3-2 Zone Skip Passes

Zone defense is different from man-to-man defense. Instead of guarding a particular player, each zone defender is responsible for guarding an area of the floor, or “zone”, and any offensive player that comes into that area. Zone defenders...
2015-06-05 10:20:16

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