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Delhi Colleges and 300 Villages to Get Free Wi-Fi by Year End
Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is leaving no stone unturned to get Delhi digitalized. Delhi budget is estimated to be around Rs 41,129 crore which mainly focuses on education, rural development and digitalization. According to PTI, Delhi colleges, including...
2015-06-29 06:18:16

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98% of Indian Android Users Chose WhatsApp Over Other Messaging Apps
As of 2014, India had 140 million smartphone users, which is expected to explode to over 650 million by 2019. With such breathtaking expansion of Internet based mobility, it becomes imperative to understand what is driving it’s usage, and which apps...
2015-06-29 04:18:51

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India Beats US and China To Become World’s #1 Investment Destination
As per a ranking methodology formulated by acclaimed Economist and bestselling author Daniel Altman, India has been ranked world’s number 1 investment destination, overtaking economic superpowers US and China. This ranking methodology, called Baseline...
2015-06-29 02:18:58

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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket explodes After Launch
An unmanned SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket broke up in a fiery blast on Sunday just minutes after its launch with a robotic Dragon cargo capsule headed for the International Space Station. It was the third failure of a space station resupply mission in...
2015-06-28 22:50:00

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Investing in Equity via Systematic Investment Plan
Stock market, on the whole, has fared quite well in the past one year. Investors’ reaction, nevertheless, has been mixed. Some continue to invest into equities, while others are still waiting on the sidelines. This trend sums up the investors’...
2015-06-27 23:51:23

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Microsoft Is Planning To Open 3 Hyper Scale Data Centers In India
Microsoft India chairman Bhaskar Pramanik has shared that by the end of 2015, Microsoft will open their three hyper scale data centers in India. Although not yet confirmed, but speculations are rife that these three locations would be Pune, Mumbai and...
2015-06-27 08:18:17

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OnePlus 2 To Be Officially Launched In Virtual Reality on July 27
OnePlus One was an immensely popular phone, I mean it still is, but frankly speaking it doesn’t stand up to its ‘The Flagship Killer’ tagline. The One suffered from a few issues but still managed to attract a lot of buyers in India. A lot of...
2015-06-27 06:19:13

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Indian Internet Hasn’t Made Much Progress Over The Last Year: Akamai
Leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider, Akamai Technologies has released its State of the Internet Report for Q1 2015 and we see expected results for the Indian internet. Akamai Technologies uses the data gathered by its CDN network for...
2015-06-27 04:18:18

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Café Coffee Day Finally Files For Rs 1150Cr IPO
India’s biggest chain of coffee outlets: Café Coffee Day (CCD) has finally decided to go public. Against a rough valuation of $ 1 billion or Rs 6300 crore; CCD plans to raise approximately $ 180 million or Rs 1150 crore by selling their shares to...
2015-06-27 04:17:22

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Unidentified Flying Object in Kanpur
A boy in Kanpur claims to have clicked photos of a UFO floating about the UP skies. The boy, Abhijit, a resident of Shyamnagar locality in Kanpur, was just trying to capture the clouds on his smartphone when he captured a flying saucer on Wednesday. The...
2015-06-26 10:15:16

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100 Years of Change
2015-06-22 08:58:44

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How To Increase Download Speed
Does your PC take ages to download movies, music, games and other important files? Does your internet dawdle incessantly while you impatiently wait for the files to get downloaded? Are you fed up of having to wait for hours to download large files and...
2015-06-10 00:58:42

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How To Format A PC
There are different ways to format a PC depending on whether you have an original disc of whatever operating system you are using, or you don’t. In the absence of an original Windows (or Ubuntu or any other operating system) disc, you must create a...
2015-06-10 00:20:14

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How To Flash A Cell Phone
Flashing is done to update the internal program of phone memory. Flashing is also required in case of mobiles that have minor glitches in their software. When your phone restarts automatically, hangs or shows no signal often, it means it requires...
2015-06-10 00:12:10

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How To Find Someone’s IP Address
Locating IP address of a person is not important unless you have been receiving irritating emails or someone is writing down unpleasant comments in your blog. While most of you would be aware of what an IP address is, but surely, there would be some who...
2015-06-09 23:51:23

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How To Extract RAR Files
If you happen to download a file that reads as .rar extension, you will have to unpack the contents to view or use the data compressed in the file. Roshal ARchive file format, commonly referred to as RAR file, is a file format that stores and supports...
2015-06-09 23:36:26

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How To Convert Photos To Digital
To cherish memories and precious moments, we click photos and preserve them. But what to do when these photos start getting old and tattered? Do you fear of losing them? With the advent of technology, digital cameras have completely erased the need for...
2015-06-09 23:23:41

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Atal Pension Yojana
It is a new initiative which was announced by the Finance Minister in his budget speech. Atal Pension Yojana or APY is a scheme for all those people of the unorganized sector, who wish to join the National Pension System and are not a member of any...
2015-06-09 06:20:22

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How To Convert PDF To JPG
How to convert your PDF files into JPG raises and equally significant and logical question – why do we need to change a file from PDF to JPG in the first place? Technically, a PDF or Portable Document Format, created by Adobe Systems in 1993, is...
2015-06-09 00:41:56

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How To Convert HTML To PDF
If you’ve ever tried taking a print out of a web page, you would agree that not every time does the printout come out accurately. And even if you are not printing a page and just trying to browse through a saved web page, you don’t seem to be very...
2015-06-09 00:34:17

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