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3 Tips for Increasing Customer Satisfaction
Leading business owner’s on the Internet have learned a few things about customer service that they would like to share with new entrepreneurs. Good customer service will help to build a very positive reputation with clients old and new. Read...
2014-04-18 13:12:12

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Terri Levine on Reputation, Review and Complaints
I’m Terri Levine. I am a business professional who knows that listening to customers is one of the top keys to maintaining a thriving business on the Internet. The fact is that a lot of new entrepreneurs are dedicated to building a great website,...
2014-04-09 14:14:37

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What to do When You Stop Getting Business
Maybe you chose a business that has a lot of competition, or maybe you need to find a new way of advertising, but either way, you have noticed that the number of visitors to your site has dropped significantly. You have also noticed that you haven’t...
2014-03-11 19:06:55

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Go For The Gold: Be a Sucessful Entrepreneur
With the Olympics going on right now, it’s hard to not get caught up in it all.  How do you think those gold medalists feel when they win? After all of that hard work and perseverance, they were able to make it all the way to gold. As a business...
2014-02-15 17:25:13

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How Positive OnLine Reviews Can Boost Your Reputation
Today’s customers make a lot of decisions based upon what they read online.  As a business owner you want to get positive online customer reviews on your websites and to do so in an ethical way.   This means all reviews need to be legitimate and...
2014-02-12 12:12:17

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How To Get Positive OnLine Reviews
There are several simple steps you can follow so that you get positive online reviews to boost your reputation: 1.  Send emails or videos to customers requesting testimonials and reviews.  (Ask often). 2.  If a customer is not happy or has posted...
2014-02-05 12:15:14

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Online Reviews: A Marketing Secret Weapon
Want to know one of my top secret marketing weapons?  I’m ready to share.  This is a really important one so get ready to learn! Today I am going to share how to get positive online reviews.  It’s great for your business when you see a great...
2014-01-28 12:18:12

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Create a Positive Online Reputation
It is really important to use social media to create a positive online reputation for your business or yourself.  Be certain to fill out all profile information on social media sites so that you have strong biographical information about yourself and...
2014-01-21 11:54:04

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Build, Maintain and Protect a Positive OnLine Reputation
To have a positive online reputation you want to have strong rankings in the search engines.  To do this you want to build your professional (as well as personal) networks.  I recommend you use sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even less...
2014-01-14 12:08:41

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Tips On Building Your Online Reputation
If you want to increase your online reputation you can begin by finding some businesses you partner with.  This could be joint venture or affiliate partners or even vendors and ask them to create a page on their website that focuses on how you benefit...
2014-01-03 13:58:40

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Customer Service Tips to To Deal with Customer Complaints
I actually teach my clients to love customer complaints.  Sound odd?  Well, if you think about it, it really isn’t.  When a customer complains it gives you a chance to learn how to keep more customers satisfied and how to improve your business. If...
2013-12-29 13:55:31

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Earn Financial Freedom in 2014 As a Coach
The field of business coaching is literally exploding.  Small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large corporations all hire coaches in both good and bad economies.  There has never been a bigger need for coaches and yet such a shortage of...
2013-12-28 13:29:37

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Five Things To Do in January To Have a Successful 2014
What you do in January can either make or break the rest of your 2014.  These are the top 5 things you need to do to kickstart 2014 for success. 1.  If you don’t have a mentor coach, get one now. It has been proven that mentor coaches make a lasting...
2013-12-27 16:28:36

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Using Internet Marketing Techniques for Business Growth
Entrepreneurs and company owners rely on a range of business growth tools. Some of these are quite inexpensive, others deliver a maximum return of investment (ROI). Internet channels can be incorporated in the expansion strategy because of the...
2013-12-26 23:05:02

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Best Ways To Deal with Customer Complaints
No matter what business you are in you are bound to have customer complaints.  Follow these steps to deal with customer complaints. 1.  Deeply tune in:  Listen without speaking and deeply hear what the customer is upset about.  Try to understand...
2013-12-24 16:51:01

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Three Hidden Revenue Sources in Your Business
One of the things I love to do as a business mentor coach is to find hidden assets in my clients businesses.  These are things that I can see but the client’s don’t see that are revenue sources literally just sitting in their businesses that if...
2013-12-17 00:18:02

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Common Fundamental Business Mistakes That Can Be Avoided
After spending decades coaching business owners in retail, service and professional businesses I see common business mistakes that if they all knew and avoided would have kept them thriving and flourishing.  I am going to reveal them here for you. ...
2013-12-10 21:58:45

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Stay Ahead of the Curve by Changing These 3 Things With Your Business
If you are a typical business owner you are so busy running your business you are allowing it to run you.  In fact, you probably are running on low energy, high stress and might even be running on low revenues and low profits. Business is changing and...
2013-12-05 22:22:45

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Guerrilla Marketing for Beauty Salons
We live in a world where we are bombarded with marketing messages in every place we go and everything we do. With all of the possible ways to market your beauty salon, it can certainly be overwhelming and confusing. Many business owners find themselves...
2013-12-05 07:13:54

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Stop Managing, Start Coaching
Terri Levine coaches businesses of all sizes who want to achieve more success through her methods. Terri is a nationally recognized authority on creating greater business and personal success and regularly appears in a variety of media. She specializes...
2013-12-05 07:08:54

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